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We partner with our clients to create brands that are meaningful, memorable, and iconic.

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What Is branding?

Branding your company is simply the action of marketing with your logo, assets, colors, and typography. These are called branding assets. Some branding is trademarked and some is just common use.

How We Do It!

We provide our clients with a customized suite of services spanning program management, strategy, creative, production, fabrication, logistics, and measurement.

We are able to scale to your exact needs across a variety of event and experiential marketing touchpoints. We understand that branding is:

Building brands in culture. Building culture in brands.

We create personalized, immersive experiences that build trust and forge lasting relationships with brands.

The Book On Brands Says branding is...

Story happy people use our service.

More Stories sell products and services than anything else.

There is so many choices and options to create a brand. I love how Modern Evolution Design is a one stop shop with everything I need from design, Assets and they even did some video editing!

Caleb Scotts CEO

They showed me what was wrong with my design, created a new one that works with my brand and showed me the tools to scale.

William McDonald

I knew what I was doing with my brand but I could not bring it to life. With the help of modern Evolution design I was able to scale my business, build a business relationship with new vendors and simplify things.

Jeff Schaefer NYC Minimal
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From Our Most Frequently Asked Questions From Customers Just Like you.

We Offer a Free mockup or design to make sure WE ARE a good fit. We also can provide other samples of work we have already done.

Yes, We can take a look at what you have created and it may help understand your ideas. There are times though where we will suggest a new complete build due to outdated tools, bad design and or what you need is not what you have. 

We Are Shopify, wix and Stripe partners. We have worked with a lot of providers, platforms to make sure they fit your needs. We have built over 100 Ecommerce Stores in the past 6 years and can make your journey online easier. 

Yes and No. Do to digital still being an asset we can make changes or recreate to certain degrees. We would need to talk and also assume that these graphics have been paid for with no liability and or commercial rights. 

Yes and absolutely. We prefer to be your one stop shop to create better results based on the data we get from you. 

Payments Questions

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We understand that building a business is stressful, costly and we want to work with you. We provide payment plans, deposits and sometimes percentage of profit plans to make sure we can help you.

All major credit cards, bank transfers, paypal and checks. We do not except crypto. 

We only charge when you are satisfied. Deposits are non refundable. There is a lot of time that goes into creating your design, site and or mockups. We charge a simple deposit to cover those expenses and then we can do payments in increments or full. 

Yes. We can charge some of our work on monthly plans. These would be ad creatives, SEO, Website hosting updates, Hosting, And or repair plans.

OF Course! There maybe times where we need to set you up directly with a vendor and or partner to make sure we are getting you the best prices. These things would be hosting, advertising, Cloud services and or payment processors. 

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